The 30 Best Hats for Men To Buy in 2022

With the exception of baseball caps and beanies, which arguably suit everyone with a noggin, even the best of hats are tricky accessories for most men to pull off properly. But it’s not personal—or at least not where your own style game is concerned. Bluntly put, it’s often just down to the shape of your face and head. The more extravagant the headgear, the more challenging it is to get right—even the simpler flat cap à la Peaky Blinders, or the classic fedora and Panama hats, can look a bit costume-y or out of place on the average guy’s head, even if the outfit is on point. (That said, if you’d like to rock whatever hat you damn well please, the more power to you.) Thankfully, the best hats—especially the ubiquitous baseball cap and beanie, as well as the ultra-trendy bucket—offer plenty of style points and protection from the elements. Whether you’re on the streets, the slopes, or anywhere in between, take a look at the best head coverings to own in 2022.

In true Coach fashion, the American design house elevated the basic baseball cap into a luxury must-have by finishing this piece with beautiful leather detailing, hitting the nail on the sporty-chic head.

If you’re still wary about the notorious trucker cap that trended in the 2000s, Celine’s creative director Hedi Slimane should convince you that this style very much belongs in the year 2022 via this neo-rave-inspired iteration.

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